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22-06-08 INK ∏ Bartosch Salmanski - 0188 copie.jpg

Surrounded by his own unique android of drums and electronics, Antoine Pierre is widening his already broad musical spectrum quite a bit with VAAGUE. For this brand new solo project, the Brussels based drummer and producer created a collection of samples to fuse organically — and manually! — with his own drum grooves.

From pulsating synths over otherworldly vocal snippets to dark and dreamy droplets of sound: each electronic element is blending in perfectly with Antoine’s live played beats. Sometimes hypnotically captivating, then again thriving on downtempo dub vibes, but always inventive and surprisingly layered: this first collection of tracks presents itself as the colorful gateway into a new and exciting musical universe, which is clearly far from finished.

(c)Bartosch Salmanski @ La Laiterie, Strasbourg (FR)

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