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VAAGUE: the drums-and-electronics solo project by Brussels-based drummer and producer Antoine Pierre. 

The use of electronics has arrived in increasingly pronounced touches in Antoine Pierre's music, through his bands Urbex (jazz) and Next.Ape (experimental trip-hop). In 2018, he attended Thom Yorke's concert on the « Tomorrow's Modern Boxes » tour: a vibrant, organic live performance. This was the spark that led Antoine to create his own electro project. And thanks to a new sensor technology linking his drums to his computer, he was able to embark on this new solo adventure. VAAGUE was born in 2020.

After two critically acclaimed EPs in 2021 and 2022 (released on his own label Shapes No Frame), collaborations with Le Motel, Amy Root and Dorian Dumont (ECHT!) and a series of concerts in Belgium and abroad, VAAGUE is set to release its first album in October 2024: Oktopus Mekaniks.

On stage, VAAGUE is the fusion of the musician, his instrument and his computer.  Acoustics and electronics merge with incisive energy. The project moves between club music, bass music, drum-and-bass, ambient, jungle grooves and, of course, a few jazz patterns. With state-of-the-art technology, VAAGUE interacts in real time with the computer and can launch a whole arsenal of live samples, creating melodies and layers of sound without getting stuck in pre-recorded loops, the sworn enemies of improvisation and the freedom the drummer needs.

Since its creation, VAAGUE has had fun playing with codes, and his 'Reworks' published on his socials are the perfect example: the artist revisits iconic tracks by some of the most essential electro producers (Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, Ivy Lab,...), recreating all the samples himself.

VAAGUE stands out not only for its creative approach, but also for the elegance of Antoine Pierre's musical mastery.

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