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4. Antoine Pierre & Veronika Harcsa Next.Ape (c) Athos Burez (2).jpeg

Fresh AND complex. 

Mainstream AND Jazz. 

A strong identity AND various musical influences. 


Next.Ape is Antoine Pierre's unclassifiable project. They offer a cross-over music that cleverly mixes trip-hop, electronics, jazz and rock. The band is composed by European jazz musicians: Veronika Harcsa (singer, Hungary), Lorenzo Di Maio (guitar, Belgium), Cedric Raymond (keyboards, effects, guitar, Belgium) Jérôme Klein (keyboards, Luxembourg) and Antoine Pierre (drums, Belgium). 


Within 3 years, the band has shaped its sound: a slamming snare drum, a deep bass on the Moog, a distorted guitar, some profound keyboards and a clear and charismatic voice. The groove is hectic and incisive. 


Next.ape released an EP in 2019. They toured in Belgium (PBA, Bozar, Botanique, Reflektor,...), Luxemburg (De Gudde Wëllen,...), Hungary (A38-Ship), Morocco (Chellah Jazz Festival), Canary Islands (Canarias Jazz y mas festival). They invited the great saxophone player Ben Wendel for their first shows. They are now working on their first album.

(c) Athos Burrez