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Antoine Pierre - drums, compositions
Veronika Harcsa - vocals, lyrics
Lorenzo Di Maio - guitar
Cédric Raymond - effects, guitar, keyboards
Jérôme Klein - keyboards, moog

Next.Ape is the unclassifiable project of Belgian drummer Antoine Pierre (Urbex, VAAGUE, Taxi Wars). The Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa imposes the dominant color by her incredible stage presence and her unparalleled voice - and apparently without limit - of a crystalline purity that she has fun to stain with effects during captivating sound explorations.

The solid tone of the bass drum and the deep bass of the Moog embody the heartbeat of Next.Ape. Above, a crystalline and magnetic voice bewitches the audience like the chant of a 3.0 mermaid. The sound of the guitar and keyboards draw the imaginary body of this amazing animal in motion, which changes shapes and contours throughout the tracks. Energetic, unclassifiable and surprising: the songs of this "made in Europe" band speak to your guts.

After a first EP in 2019 and a beautiful international tour, Next.Ape present their new full-length album: The Fourth Wall. The tracks are paintings in front of which one never passes without noticing a new feature.

The heterogeneous musical universe of Next.Ape takes us far away and in a multitude of directions, to better return to ourselves -recharged-, after this continuously ascending trip. An unforgettable live band, a must-see !

You will probably recognize some of these influences more or less present according to the tracks: Bowie's "Blackstar" and Thom Yorke's "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" albums; or the artists Son Lux, Sohn and Björk, just to name a few...

Cover Black Sand 3000x3000.jpg

BLACK SAND - EP - 18.04.2024


The Fourth Wall - Full Album - 31.03.2023

SINGLE -- NEXTAPE-TFW-3000x3000-23-02-07-2.jpg

Unfit Wing - single - 2.03.2023


Next.Ape - ep - 2019

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