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"This could be the soundtrack of two tectonic plates colliding in slow-motion, the formation of new mountains. If you were to climb these mountains, this is the song you need in your headphones: the groove doesn’t stop and yet leaves you some space to breathe.

A raging and bursting beat destined to awaken the Rachmaninov in you; and your army behind you!"


Antoine Pierre (producer, composer, drummer)


Directed by Alice Khol

DOP Alice Vouland

Dancer Juliette Caste

Prod Paméla Malempré


Recorded December 2021 by Vincent De Bast at Jet Studio, Brussels Mixed by Jean Vanesse at greenHouse studio, Beaumont (BE)

Mastered by Mark Bihler at Calyx Studio, Berlin

Graphic design by Pierre De Belgique

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