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1. Shaades

A lo-fi slow groove with an obsessional pumping bass-line. Although the build-up seems cloudy with these chains sounds and fragments of words by Toni Morisson, the chorus brings light and lovely nostalgia every time it comes thanks to vintage synth chords and etherial voice samples.

A 3’54’’ alternative electronica song to open up the EP. 


2. Camaraade

An up-tempo « Four-on-the-floor » banger with a raging bass-line. The song is a «pie-shaped » crescendo, destined to go into a trance. By the middle of the song is there a consequent step up with a techno part going into the « climax » of the song: the comeback of the initial bass line topped with stacks of human voices and the emotional hook. From that top of the pyramid, it slowly comes down with the same raging energy, calling people to gather and unite as an army against adversity.

4’43’’ of almost constant groove to keep the blood flowing in the body.

3. Zaspaa Leo/Paarks

We dive into the sound of a hearty Bulgarian-choir sample in reverse. This ocean of dreamy and emotional voices slowly swirls into a vortex that sucks us into the abyss for a threatening groove with the heavy back-beat of super-compressed acoustic drums. As if we were dragged by a supersonic shark to explore the ocean floor in a hurry. (The last part of the song is a tribute to Deantoni Parks.)

The dream ends abruptly at 3’52’’ to lead us to the next song

4. Nuaage

In this 1’16'' up-tempo beat-maker kind of song, we feel like driving down emblematic California's Route 1 in a convertible. With a steady groove that’s reminiscent of hip-hop and samples of chords with jazz connotations, this sets the tone for a good party with sun glasses on. We can feel the J Dilla inspiration on this one.

5. Grenaade

A trap-like song with heavy bass and electronic percussions. Going straight into business with the main part, we digress for minute in these strange landscapes of scattered vocal samples and liquid sounds, always with a sense of that strong groove underneath. When we go back to the main groove, it feels like a well-deserved explosion, where we can unleash the heavy tribal dancer in ourselves. But a small door takes us to another part where an epic chord-progression leads us to the climax of the song: a fast drum-groove that takes its roots in between trap and drum’n’bass. 

A 3’30’’ bomb to wrap the EP up. 

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