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This song immediately catches you with its punchy bass-line and lively groove, reminiscent of « Human » by Rag’n’Bone man. A first Arabic-like string quartet emerges like a jingle to announce the arrival of a crystalline voice like the chant of a 3.0 mermaid. The tone is now set and the epic chorus comes in, designed to lift you up and spread your wings. Before you know it, you’re pulled into this robotic rap: this was the outlet you needed before you fly again on the last chorus. 

Video directed by Vincent Blairon

Veronika Harcsa - vocals

Lorenzo Di Maio - guitar

Jérôme Klein - synthetisers, Moog bass

Cédric Raymond - synthetisers

Antoine Pierre - drums, vocals, additional floor tom

Marie Ghitta - viola

Anemie Osborne - cello

Music by Antoine Pierre

Lyrics by Veronika Harcsa & Antoine Pierre

Mixed by Pierre Dozin, Pantheon Studio, Brussels

Mastered by Mark Bihler, Calyx Mastering, Berlin

Artwork by Pierre De Belgique


"hear me now

one look back

before you go

read my lips


what struck a chord a while ago


how could you

not notice

that all along your eyes were closed


it surely never crossed your mind

that there’s a different reason

why I hit you, why I scolded, why my eyes where dry

I am an unfit wing

that hits the fine glass ceiling

as we fly until

we find a game

that pain will never gratify


[there’s a glitch, here’s the switch, fever pitch, internal computer device is a witch

double double the beats, triple triple triple the beats made me turn into a beast

walking backwards up the streets

flying flags, empty bags, number tags

everyone looking at me look at ’em scumbags

dissipate, fluctuate, eradicate the fate (bait!)

let me fix your smoking gun, and I’ll give you some time to run]


in a river in an ocean

an anticipatory notion

will let me go

I’m no longer holding on to

the lotion and the sacred balm and

healing voice of life below"

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