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Next.Ape presented their full album "The Fourth Wall" in 2023 :
"Ten tracks, ten songs, ten successes!" said Le Mad,
who made it the best Belgian cross-over album of the year, and gave it 4 stars!

The band had saved some little nuggets for you: they're releasing three new songs in spring 2024!

Next.Ape is the unclassifiable project of Belgian drummer Antoine Pierre (Urbex, VAAGUE, Taxi Wars). The Hungarian singer Veronika Harcsa imposes the dominant color by her incredible stage presence and her unparalleled voice - and apparently without limit - of a crystalline purity that she has fun to stain with effects during captivating sound explorations.

The solid tone of the bass drum and the deep bass of the Moog embody the heartbeat of Next.Ape. Above, a crystalline and magnetic voice bewitches the audience like the chant of a 3.0 mermaid. The sound of the keyboards draw the imaginary body of this amazing animal in motion, which changes shapes and contours throughout the tracks. Energetic, unclassifiable and surprising: the songs of this "made in Europe" band speak to your guts.

The heterogeneous musical universe of Next.Ape takes us far away and in a multitude of directions, to better return to ourselves -recharged-, after this continuously ascending trip. An unforgettable live band, a must-see !

“Black Sand” 2 versions : Studio & Live !
4 April 2024
Discover this extraordinary track in two different versions: a studio version, precise, strong, polished; and a live version, fiery, electrifying, with an inimitable solo by Veronika Harcsa, recorded at the Reflektor in Liège in 2019, during the band's first tour with guest Ben Wendel!

Guitar arpeggios and distant drums take us to a black sand desert where the sun shines in the middle of the night. That sun is Veronika Harcsa's voice, lulling us into a rock whirl with trip-hop overtones. Suddenly, the saxophone of American Ben Wendel rings out, taking us into the frenzy of an incisive solo. An ode to David Bowie's "Black Star", this track takes us to a luminous climax, right up to its vocal fermata.

“Abyssal Return”
18 April 2024
Mysterious atmosphere, undulating start, we move forward in sails lifted by the wind. The drums creep in, and a sung cry is subtly added, all restraint, more and more intense... Which transforms into an almost ultrasonic sound, accompanied by a guitar that drops its notes one by one... The layers add up, the tension climbs up, Ben Wendel's saxophone mimics Veronika Harsca's sharp, dreamy voice. The energy is incandescent! The bass carries it all, like a high wave about to crash onto a desert beach! And it ends up dying there, in ever fainter jerks.

A track born of a moment of total freedom granted to the musicians in the studio.

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